Pasha Marlowe

THERAPEUTIC COMEDY coach, adhd coach, pleasuRe podcast host, and author.

About Pasha

Pasha Marlowe is a therapeutic comedy coach, ADHD coach, pleasure podcast host, and author.

She artfully blends her unique life’s experiences with her life’s work in healing through psychotherapy, embodied emotions, holistic wellness, life coaching, ADHD/CBT coaching, theater, and comedy.

Pasha is known for her authenticity, intuition, resiliency, and ability to connect. Her work is the culmination of 51 years of radical truth telling, heroic self loving, and pleasure activism, even in the face of adversity. Pasha has a passion for empowering others to be courageous, vulnerable, and fierce in their quest for joy.

She finds great value in empowering children and adults to reframe their stories through the lens of humor or even just practice the art of laughter! She holds a special place in her heart for ADHD families, as she grew up in one and currently is in one. 

Pasha studied theatre in college and holds a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and specializes in treating ADHD, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. She is a nationally certified health and wellness coach since 1992 and has owned four wellness centers. She currently owns Roots and Springs Studio in Cumberland, Maine and is the CEO of Roar With Laughter, an online coaching program. 

She is a sought after coach and inspirational speaker, speaking on laughter, healing with humor, grief, trauma, inclusion, and chronic wellness, especially as it pertains to her heartbreaking and hilarious journey with her son.

Pasha lives in Cumberland, Maine with her second husband and youngest son. She has two adult children from a previous marriage. Her greatest joys are meeting new friends and never participating in small talk, snuggling with her kids, and laughing through tears. She is out and proud in the LGBTQ+ community (bi) and values inclusion and equality.

Her podcast is called Let Pleasure be the Measure (out Jan 2021)

Her book is titled “My Next Husband will be a Lesbian” (out Feb 2021)

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Work With Pasha

When you experience wellness coaching with Pasha, you will feel completely seen, heard, and known. You will move from rupture to rapture, whether enjoying her therapeutic comedy or pleasure and ADHD coaching. You will replace your old stories of pain, trauma, grief, and anxiety with new stories of empowerment, self-compassion, pleasure, and humor. You will feel worthy of reclaiming your desires and living a life of ease and laughter!

For any coaching to be effective and have sustainable results, you should commit to several weeks or months of work and FUN! It won’t always be easy, but you can do hard things, and you ARE worth it!

We will have weekly online 1:1 (or group, if you desire) calls where we discuss your goals, limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, emotional regulation, dreams, and desires. And then we will take ACTION! You will also enjoy daily text/FB messenger support as needed, so no worries about accountability!

Individual clients also receive a discount on the ROAR with LAUGHTER group program. I believe you can create the life of connection, success, pleasure, and joy that you desire, and I would be honored to guide you on that journey. 


Pasha is an Inspirational Speaker and available for keynotes, podcasts, interviews, panels, and Facebook lives. 

She hosts her own podcast, LET PLEASURE BE THE MEASURE, and is currently booking guests


Healing with Humor, PLAY, Grief/Trauma, ADHD, Pleasure Practices, Chronic Wellness, and Sexuality

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to Pasha’s favorite solo episode “LAUGHTER THROUGH TEARS”

What is R.O.A.R.?

Truth telling.  Storytelling.  Finding your voice.  Claiming your joy.  Pleasure activism. Heroic self love. SISTERHOOD

Fart jokes (ok, only a few).

ROAR is an eight-week coaching program that culminates in a LIVE comedic storytelling performance – starring YOU!

The most fun you’ll have all year, ROAR empowers you to own your truth and your voice by reaching for the humor in any circumstance. You’ll gain confidence, reclaim your joy, and be able to start stories with “I remember that time I performed in a comedy show…”

Featuring a brilliantly brave and empathetic group of your new best friends, an active online community, and therapeutic comedy coach, Pasha Marlowe, ROAR is a humorous healing program unlike any other.

Join our next season!

Roots & Springs Studio

Virtual & Live Sessions Available

Private, in person and virtual options. 

Group classes take place in Cumberland, Maine

"Pasha worked with me one-on-one to develop a sensible, fun, and customized program that I could stick to in the comfort of my own HOME. She is incredibly encouraging, highly intuitive, and wise."
Deb Perkins
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