Meet Pasha Marlowe!

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Neurodivergent and Neuroqueer coach, public speaker, and entrepreneur, I present on neurodiversity at home and in the workplace, neuroqueering, medical trauma/gaslighting/biases, ADHD/Autism/Trauma, ND relationships, and intimacy. My presentations are relatable, informative, and always interactive and entertaining.

My most recent speaking engagements have been about:

*Expanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to include Neurodiversity-Affirming Practices

*How to create a workplace culture that allows neurodivergent employees to thrive.

*How to manage and heal from medical trauma and gaslighting

*Neuroqueering: The future of the neurodiversity movement


Top 5 ways to manage ADHD without meds*How to manage sensory processing issues and overwhelm*Preventing burnout*Ways to handle feedback: Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria and Recognition Responsive Euphoria*Emotional regulation and calming the nervous system at home and at work*Socializing and making friends as a neurodivergent adult*Sex/intimacy and hormones*Benefits of community/co-working for the ADHD mind

My work

R.O.A.R. with laughter - live comedy




My bio

Pasha Marlowe is a Marriage and Family Therapist turned Neurodivergent and Neuroqueer Coach who works with clients individually, in couples, and in groups. Pasha is the host of the “Neuroqueering” podcast where she discusses issues such as neurodiversity at home and in the workplace, encouraging neurodiversity-affirming practices, and embodying our unmasked selves. Her personal stories of ADHD/Autism/Truama, neuroqueering, chronic illness/medical trauma, menopause, and therapeutic comedy make Pasha a sought after podcast/TV/radio guest and inspirational speaker. She leads with vulnerability, courage, and humor and is honored to creatively move people through breakdowns and breakthroughs.

Featured In:

Weekly webinars for Inflow's international neurodivergent community

Speaker for the International Chadd conference “Find the HA in ADHD”

Speaker for the Maine Women’s Conference “Healing With Humor”

Rewired Podcast with Eric Tivers "Let Pleasure Be the Measure"

‘Let Pleasure be the Measure’ was recommended #1 podcast by Vibe, Europe’s leading LGBTQ+ magazine

Lesbian Chronicles: Coming Out Later in Life Podcast "Neurodivergent Queer Coach"

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The Stories We Tell Podcast with Jaime Messina
"NeuroQueer with Pasha Marlowe"

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